How to prepare Geoduck

Geoduck , pronounced “gooey-duck,” is the world’s largest burrowing clam. While geoduck is an odd name and maintains a rather peculiar shape, it is considered a rare delicacy in many regions.

Simple step-by step-guide how to prepare geoduck.

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 And here is a pretty good video that takes you through step-by-step

Tip 1: The most important thing to remember about cooking geoduck is not to overcook the product. 

Tip 2: For sashimi-hot pot presentations, briefly rinse the geoduck slices in lightly salted ice water before draining well and arranging on a serving platter. This will enhance the clean sea-sweet taste and the appearance of the geoduck.

Tip 3: Consider using the two main edible parts of a geoduck in different preparations. The siphon has a sweet and mild flavour, and crunchy texture, but can toughen easily. Therefore it’s best served raw (sashimi or sushi) and in quick cook preparations such as stir-frys. The body meat is richer in flavour and softer in texture and yields best results when grilled, pan-seared or included in soups like a chowder.

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