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Evergreen Seafood is a leading wholesaler and distributor of live, fresh and frozen seafood in Singapore, established since 1995. We carry both popular and premium seafood, ensuring that you will always have the  perfect dish to serve at your table. Our comprehensive selection presents the opportunity for an interesting menu, ranging from crustaceans such as live Sri Lankan mud crab, alaskan king crab, dungeness crab, hairy crab, crab meat, boston lobsters, tiger prawns, vannamei white prawns, to molluscs and various shellfishes such as oysters, scallops, geoducks, clams, lala, mussels, squid, abalone.  Not forgetting the nutritious range of fishes, we also carry chilean seabass (cod fishes), soon hock, groupers, pomfrets, turbot fishes, flounders, salmon and more. 

Our products come from the seas all around the world, airflown and brought into our water tanks, chiller or freezer with quality checks before delivery. Be it steamed, grilled, barbequed or pan-fried, no perfect dish is complete without the use of quality seafood ingredients. We open and deliver daily from 9 to 7 pm to support your businesses, corporate or personal events.  Order online for fresh seafood delivery and shop at Evergreen Seafood today and fulfill your seafood cravings! 

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