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Live Geoduck Clam

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Handling Option: You may choose to have them delivered live or deshelled and gutted for your ease. Please note the process involves removing the shell, skin and guts and we recommend rinsing the flesh with hot water before consumption. For the latter option, we do not encourage raw consumption.  Weight and size will be based on live geoduck.

Geoduck (pronouced "gooey-duck"), the world's largest burrowing clam, is a Pacific Northwest native and has nothing to do with a duck. The Chinese call it a 象拔蚌, or translated as "elephant trunk clam". With its phallic shape, many cultures around the world consider the Geoduck an aphrodisiac. Often served as sashimi, or as chowder, geoduck is exceptionally sweet and crunchy.

Check out a video guide here on how to prepare a live geoduck! 

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