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Handling Option: You may choose to have them delivered live or cleaned and cut for your ease. Please note that sizes and weights are based on live crabs and the process to clean and cut will result in weight loss.

The Alaskan King Crab is the sweetest of all crabs and it is huge, one of the largest edible crabs in the world - ranging from 2.0 kg to 5.0 kg for each King Crab. Catching King Crabs in cold treacherous waters is a dangerous job. All these factors contribute to why the King Crab commands a premium over other seafood. With a luscious, almost creamy texture, the flavor is sweet and delicate,it is best served cold or just steamed with egg white. Most of the flesh of this crab is in the legs and unlike other crabs, you don’t need a nutcracker to get to the flesh. Instead, just use a pair of scissors to cut the open the soft shell.

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