Live Geoduck

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Geoduck (pronouced "gooey-duck"), the world's largest burrowing clam, is a Pacific Northwest native and has nothing to do with a duck. The Chinese call it a 象拔蚌, or translated as "elephant trunk clam". With its phallic shape, many cultures around the world consider the Geoduck an aphrodisiac. Often served as sashimi, or as chowder, geoduck is exceptionally sweet and crunchy. To prepare:
  • Rinse all sand from the geoduck, blanch them in boiling water for 10 seconds and then submerge in cold water to loosen the tough outer skin.

  • Open shell; remove skin and guts- Scrape a knife along the inside of the shell to pry open and pull all the geoduck meat out. Discard shell. Pull out and discard the guts.

  • To peel the tough skin off the siphon and body, place the geoduck in hot water for about 45 seconds.Peel the skin starting with the body and continuing off the end of the siphon. Wash the clam thoroughly

  • Split the siphon by inserting a knife or scissors and cut the siphon lengthwise. Wash the siphon, removing all traces of sand and grit.

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